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    Need Help on Data Formatting - Single Field with Multiple Values

    Kent Vaughn

      I have a data issue that I'm not sure quite how to tackle.  I have a data source which has a field that contains multiple values separated by a semicolon.  

      I want to answer questions around the "User ID" Field.   I could easily split that field up into a UserID 1, UserID 2, User ID 3... fields, but that just creates a new set of problems on how to build a solution in Tableau.

      Clearly what I really need is a unique field, UserID, which has only a single user ID and the associated data for each TEST ID and associated data.  


      Questions I'd like to be able to answer:

      How many unique tests did Joe run?  How much total effort for a test?  


      Any suggestions on the best way to properly construct the data for analysis in Tableau?   

      I've attached some sample fake data which represents the problem well enough.