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    YTD or QTD Calculations for Filter


      Hi All,


      I'm working on a chart that has some company data filtered by the Region, Country, Entity as well as the quarter. I'm currently working on parameter/filter that can allow the user to choose whether they want to see the data on a Year to Date (YTD) or Quarter to Date (QTD) basis. It's the first time I'm doing this sort of calculation straight off Tableau so I am struggling. It would be great if some experts here can help me out.


      I attached a sample workbook onto this thread for everyone's reference.

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          Joe Oppelt

          I started looking at this.


          You would serve yourself better if you had a date field in there.  Doing date manipulations (such at YTD) is so much easier with dates.

          Having said that, so far I took your data and created a year field from your [Period] field.  (And I moved both [Period] and [year] to dimensions.)


          With a year field, you can do YTD by grabbing all the stuff within a given year.  However, how do you want to determine the data that determines the "to date" step in computing YTD or QTD?  That's going to matter.

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            Norbert Maijoor

            Hi Charley,


            Find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.3 located in the original thread



            1. D1. Date: MAKEDATE(int(mid([Period],1,4)),int(mid([Period],5,2)),1)


            2. M1. YTD: if DATEDIFF('year',[D1. Date],today())=0 and [D1. Date]<today() then [Value] END


            3. M2. QTD: if DATEDIFF('quarter',[D1. Date],today())=0 and [D1. Date]<today() then [Value] END


            4. M3 M3. YTD/QTD

            if [YTD/QTD]='YTD' then [M1. YTD]

            elseif [YTD/QTD]='QTD' then [M2. QTD ] END


            5. Drag required objects to the indicated locations