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    Create a range slider (exclude top n or bottom n) for a filtered data view


      I have been quite frustrated with this problem and so I would be very appreciative of any guidance directing me to a solution.


      I have attached a workbook illustrating a simplified version of my problem:


      I have a filtered dataset, created using an action filter from dash1 to dash2, with the filter being a country and state selection. In dash 2, I have a dimension "customer ID" in columns and sum('sales') in rows to create a bar chart. The bar chart is colored by category. The problem is that a customer can have bought products in multiple regions, so the filters are necessary.


      My problem is 2 fold:


      1) Why when colouring by category does tableau unstack some of the bars? How can this be stacked up again?


      2) I created an "index" calculated field in order to sort the bar charts based on the window view.  This is an discrete index and is a 'table calculation'  using the "Region" and "Customer ID" dimensions. It also has a custom sort order by sum(sales) - see the workbook. This makes a lot of sense so far and the sort works well when putting the index pill on the columns shelf. My problem: How do I now create a range slider that allows me to exclude the top N and bottom N by Customer ID? e.g. I only want to view the data between index 5 and 10 instead of ALL.


      Thank you in advance.