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    Plotting UK postcodes on a map

    David Metcalfe

      I am new to Tableau but appear to have stumbled at the first hurdle. All I would like to do is to plot a number of postcodes on a map of the UK, although I'd ultimately like to vary the size of the markers based on some numerical data that isn't available yet. I am however running into the error message that is attached to this post. I am using a Mac with Tableau Desktop 9.0.4. This problem seems to have plagued lots of people over the years and I have tried all the solutions that I have found online so far, including:


      • Creating a schema.ini file to mark the postcode data as "string".
      • Changing the column titles so that they don't clash with Tableau's own activities (e.g. "postcode" to "postcode-UK").
      • Ensuring there are not any duplicates.
      • Removing the superfluous rows and columns that MS Excel kindly leaves at the bottom of many spreadsheets.
      • Adding and removing the "country" column.
      • Using the file on the local computer rather than on a server.


      Unfortunately I have been unable to make any progress, which is frustrating as it feels as if it ought to be straightforward.


      The dataset is here and scheme.ini is here.

      Can anyone help?




      Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.21.47.png