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    Calculate unique patients and percentage?

    Tony Fahd


      I am attaching a workbook where I like to calculate the percentage of customers that had one of the test by category. so I have three test driving test, hearing test and reading test. I have a category field. each customer falls under one category. i have three categories (as you see in the filter)


      i like to get a percentage of customers that had each test by category so when filter on each category, i can see the percentage of customers by category for each test.  there are 13 customers under category 1, 11 under category 2 and 12 under category 3. so i want that percentage of customers to be populated whenever i filter on category. does it make sense?


      Thanks for the help


      Test                unique customers        percentage of customers by category

      driving test             10                            

      hearing test            14

      reading test            12