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    Sums within Categories


      Hello all!


      I am trying to work out a calculated field to put together the sums of expected, solicited, or closed sales in our pipeline. The trick is, every stage has a different category of sales that should be summed up for the correct number.


      For example. in the Accepted column, Officer 1's sum of Accepted sales should be the Accepted Ask Amount measure. Their Qualified sales should be summed from the Expected Ask Amount sales. Their Response pending sales should come from the Ask Amount sales. The trouble is, their sale amounts differ depending on the stage, and the sum for each stage should only come from the corresponding measure outlined above.


      I took this totally incorrect try named Pipeline Sums:


      IF  [Status] = "Qualified" then SUM([Expected Ask Amount])

      IFELSE[Status] = "Response Pending" then SUM([Ask Amount])

      ELSE [Status] = "Accepted" then SUM([Accepted Ask Amount])



      I have attached the workbook. The table on the Pipeline tab should give you an idea of what I want filled in. Any help would be appreciated!