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    Enabling additional filter for only one dimension member

    Sonnie Chen

      I create viz for projects carried out by our vendors.


      Many of the viz include comparing our vendors with regards to the no/ value of projects they completed, no/value  of open/work in progress/closed projects etc


      The entire data is coming from an SQL Server database.


      I have selected the vendors we are managing using data source filter.


      (A sample of the data is attached)


      I want to put a filter for Charged Cost Center for Vendor1 : - All projects for Vendor1 which has the Charged Cost Center as 0002671 need to be excluded from the viz.


      This will apply only for Vendor1. All other vendors should not have any filter for Charged cost center.


      Can someone guide me how we can implement this logic?


      I want to exclude the cost center 0002671 for Vendor1, because 0002671 is my team's cost center and Vendor1 carries out some projects for my team also.