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    Creating a table with various time frames

    luc dumont

      I'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to how I could achieve a table that looks something like the below where I show scores per store on a specific rating question... having a heck of a time with date functions. Any help appreciated



      STORESMayMay last yearJuneJune last yearJuly July last yearQ1Q1 last yearAugustAugust last yearSeptemberSeptember last yearOctoberOctober last yearQ2 etc
      Store 19313302441985903716571920491435
      Store 21739988330931473291971998219478
      Store 36670144413833529488245315112161
      Store 48348536032352336475275124911976
      Store 517664860723857736510824892818150
      Store 6812542720468932651465565164733
      Store 758394315871041867537314683324
      Store 845461484935684289391386188776
      Store 91087899327468224847075751948162
      Store 1024928201659353535618591387180
      Store 11477190521008655539492993943698870
      Store 12713472096309149765445759625441
      Store 13565457617817311217987255121
      Store 1459085336611667166450849919834
      Store 15911714330123512162649131626747
      Store 1613951779135720867686836078891181