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    Tableau-to-Epic Third Party Data Connectors

    Wei Chen

      Hi All!


      I'd like to know if anyone has worked with connecting Tableau to Epic data stores (Chronicle, Clarity, Cogito, etc.). From what I understand, this is not natively accessible and requires a certain level of work-around to make work. I found a third party connector that seems to address this very issue made by Toreo Data. So I have a couple of questions that I would love some help with:


      • How have you connected Tableau to Epic data stores and what issues have you faced in doing so?
      • Have you worked with the Toreo Data Epic Software Connector or any other similar third party connector that connects Tableau to Epic?


      Link to Toreo Data product: Toreo Data - Business Intelligence Data Drivers | Epic Software Connector | Epic and Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Spotfire


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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          Chris Music

          Hi Wei,


          I access Clarity using SQL Management Studio, and usually build my queries there.  In Tableau you can connect to MS SQL, and there's a Custom Query box where you can paste your query and it essentially builds your data source.  I'm not familiar with the third party tool you are referencing.



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            Helene Matassa

            In our case clarity is a sql server so I can connect directly to it although it's not the most efficient way to get the data due to resource availability.  So, if there are a lot of queries/reports running at a particular time or date such as the first of the month or first thing in each morning , your visualization's performance would be impacted if you used a live data link. 


            But given that Clarity is a lagging database that generally has data no newer than prior ETL which is usually nightly an extract would work great.  That is what I do and am very happy with the results.

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              Nick Heigerick

              Hi Wei,


              I'm currently working on a project to integrate EPIC and Tableau. Currently we're accessing Caboodle with Tableau's native MS SQL data connector but are just getting started. Active directory to controls access and before anyone is added they have to be approved.


              In researching this topic I found the following thread helpful.


              Has anyone embedded Tableau into Epic


              See the comment by Mark Jackson.


              I'll try to comment as we navigate issues in the future.


              Hope this helps!

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                Jeffrey Kritzman

                Agree with all that has been said.  Sounds like you need to get access to the SQL server that Clarity is hosted on.  Are you using Tableau Server?  If so, you should talk to your admins to make sure Tableau has access to this server as well.  They may also have dealt with this in the past.

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                  Jonathan Entwisle

                  A chronicles integration would be interesting for real-time analytics. We tend to do those types of analytics directly inside of Epic using their Radar framework.


                  The only thing I've done is Clarity (Tableau Standard Oracle Server Connection) and Caboodle (Tableau Standard Microsoft SQL Server connection).

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                    Brad Adams

                    You should start with Caboodle if your organization has implemented it and you can connect as others have pointed out using the MS SQL drivers. We hit a few speed bumps at first that required granting the Tableau Server Admin account some additional privileges on the Clarity and Caboodle SQL Servers. We also had to create SQL Server accounts for a few processes where Active Directory accounts wouldn't work. I do remember our IT team talked with their peers at another institution and/or reached out to Tableau support to make sure we had everything configured properly.


                    Tableau does have a working relationship (partnership might be too strong a word) with Epic and I have seen embedded dashboards. These lack the integration you can get with Crystal Reports so users can take action. Also, if you have not explored Slicer/Dicer it is a great tool and since it was developed by Epic runs exceptionally well within HyperSpace.