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    API to create sheet

    vrushali lalsangi

      Hi Everyone,


      I wanted to know do we have any API with which we can create dashboard or sheet.


      Thanks in advance

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          Birgit Hansen

          Hi Vrushali,


          You can do almost anything through the Tableau REST API, which has an extensive API Reference Library which has code samples and tutorials on how to query the API and the different methods available (POST, GET ...)


          I will also recommend that you check out Tableau on GitHub, Tableau · GitHub  Here you will find examples of extending Tableau through its API in several coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, C#, C++ and HTML. It is also a good way to connect with other developers and share your own code.


          Finally, I think there is - as far as I know - an active group here on one of the Community forums interested in the Tableau API and the opportunities it represents.


          Keep asking if there is more we can help with.


          Cheers, -Birgit

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            vrushali lalsangi

            Thanks Birgit for your reply.My requirement is using Tableau have to create chart in my application as I was doing R&D I did not found any API using which can do operation from scratch as we do in Tableau public or desktop.Please let me know If any one tried this way

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              Glen Robinson


              The only way I know of being able to do this is by using the Powertools SDK for Tableau


              All the best


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                Birgit Hansen

                Thank you for pointing us to this Tableau Gold Partner Program. Excellent! And I think you are right. However, you can still automate a number of things through the API, essentially anything you can do using tabcmd and more - only easier.  So I understand that your app has a script that generates the chart on demand?


                Sounds interesting and challenging.  -Birgit