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    Filters won't update via applyRangeFilterAsync unless manual change first applied

    Moshe Gottlieb

      I have a few filters on a worksheet which I am updating via the javascript API.


      All of them work fine except for one which does not seem to allow my filter changes to be applied. I see that my dataset remains unchanged and the actual filter control viiewable in the Viz remains unchanged.

      When I apply my filter changes by code i see the ranges change in the other filter controls.


      What I did discover with this one "misbehaving" filter is that if I manually click on the filter control in the viz and then adjust either the min or max range (to any value). THEN any changes made via the javascript API are applied to that filter.

      I can't explain it but this won't work for me as I can't rely on a manual change happening first.


      Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to resolve?