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    Embed views and authentication

    Kaz Ohno



      I would really appreciate some help with a small thing I've been stuck for some time.


      I'm using my own Tableau server (10.4) and embedding views from there to our front end using JS api.


      I authenticate the user using tickets from the tableau server. So for the 1st view I include the ticket for authentication and then other views does not include the tickets.

      So it works this way for now.


      But when I reload the 1st view, it fails because it has a ticket present which it does not need, since it's already been authenticated.


      Now, I've been displaying a hidden view to authenticate and others without a ticket. But I feel a company like Tableau would definitely have a better solution than such a crude way to actually authenticate users.


      Could someone please point in the right direction.


      Thank you!