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    Tableau Online operation cancelled extract

    Marta Expósito

      Hi people,


      Since last Thursday I am facing this problem when running automatic extract refresh for a Workbook in Tableau Online:


      com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauCancelException: Operation cancelled.


      In order to fix it, I've been trying the solutions proposed here: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/error-operation-cancelled-query-time-resource-limit-7200-refreshing-tableau-online-extract


      But nothing seems to work...


      • Use incremental extracts. See Refresh Extracts for more information.  --> Not good because my extract takes the last 90 days (in order to limit size of the workbook), and with incremental extract I cannot use this filter anymore and the size will increase linearly.
      • Decrease the size of the data extract. One way to do this is to hide unused columns before creating an extract. See Hide or Unhide Fields for more information. --> already done but my extract still last more than 2 hours
      • Refresh the published extract using Tableau Bridge, the Command Line Utility, or manually using Tableau Desktop. For more information, see the Related Links.--> I've tried Command Line Utility by installing tabcmd and using the following command:
      tabcmd refreshextracts -workbook "nameofworkbook" --project "nameofproject" --server nameofserver -u myuser -p mysite  


           And it still crashes... I was wondering if there is any option to increase this timeout so it doesn't canceled it, but I didn't find anything. The setting --timeout, as I read, it only affects the time to wait until the extract begins so it's not the same timeout that affects my workbook.

      • Try scheduling extracts at different times of day, or at night. --> no difference


      Does anybody know any other solution?


      Thank you!