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    Tableau Server  - refresh metrics



      I am very new to usage of Tableau and have some questions regarding updating data sources via extracts. I'm using Tableau 10.1


      I have extracts scheduled at different times that pull data from our data warehouse. They are a mixture of full and incremental updates.


      • Is there any means to look at the load statistics regarding a particular schedule. ie date and time, success, number of rows inserted/deleted, etc ?

               Note, I am not an administrator, I just have Publisher privileges but wondered if Tableau had anything I could look at.


      • Are there any plans to extend the number of columns referred to in an incremental update? You can only use one column to refer to.


      • Are there any recommendations as to how to trigger a data extract once the data is available.  I currently have daily refreshes at a fixed time of day.


      If there's any recommended reading on this subject any suggestions would be appreciated


      Thank you