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    Tableau Server vs Tableau Online vs Tableau Reader

    Nipa Madhani

      I am working in a small organization and the responsibility to purchase the Tableau Products is on me.


      I know the basic difference i.e in Tableau server, It required on premises Windows server or Windows server on Public Cloud (Amazon, Azure)

      Tableau Online, Dashboards will be saved on Tableau cloud

      Tableau Reader, Need application to view Dashboard always. no security.


      My question is what is best option for my organization to view the dashboards and visualizations which I create for them.

      Requirements I have :

      1. They have different sales person(for example 5 ) responsible to view only their respective region dashboards, also sales manager who will view all the dashboards of all the regions and my manager who will also view different sets of dashboards of revenue and price.

      Do I have to buy licence for each individual users. For example, 5 for sales person licence, 1 for Sales Manager and 1 for my manager?


      2. Local Database connection to MySQL is required and eventually many be to Google Analytics


      3.  Automatic Database refresh is required live or may be at the interval of 30 mins to 1 hr


      In these cases, what is the best option tableau server, tableau online or Tableau reader?


      I am more concerned on the licence and the user level security.  also, is there any way I can build my dashboard in such way that using one licence only everyone can see all the dashboards. That is dashboard level security.


      waiting for your response urgently.


      Thank you in advance.


      Community Manager Update:

      In case you - or anyone else who finds this thread - needs the information, we just recently shared a new product page on the Tableau website: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader. The page includes a super helpful comparison table. Below is a screenshot, but please visit the page for the most accurate information:


      Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 2.56.38 PM.png

      Source: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader


      Thank you! Amanda Boyle, Tableau Community Manager