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    help needed with displaying binary data in respective columns onto one single graph

    qp chiam

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to do up a graph that shows the distribution of the demographics of the patient pool (in terms of the no. of people with certain chronic disease) in my programme as follows.



      My data is collected in the binary form (1 for yes) and (0 for no) as follows. i would like to seek for advice on how i would be able to translate my raw binary data to the graph above



      I would also like to seek advice on how i'll be able to also tabulate and display the top 3 combinations in a graphical format?

      Eg. diabetes-hypertension: 78 patients with this combination

            diabetes-hypertension-hyperlipidemia: 60 patients with this combination

            Hypertension-hyperlipidemia: 20 patients with this combination


      Thanks everyone for your help.