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    Display Quarterly Target Bars for Future Quarters (version 10.2)

    John Rivett

      I have a dual axis chart and I want the quarterly targets (gray bars) to show the remaining three quarters (like the screen shot for 2017), even though it’s only Q1 (our fiscal year starts Oct. 1) and I only have measures for Q1. The screen shot for 2018 only shows Q1 because I only have measures in Q1.  How do I get my Quarterly Target pill to show the bar targets for the remaining quarters even though I only have measures in Q1? My calculation ‘Quarterly Targets’ is based off parameters. When you go to the worksheet called ‘Targets – Parameters’ if you change the ‘Select Fiscal Year’ to 2018 it will drop the targets for Q2, Q3 and Q4 but I want them to show. I’m in version 10.2 and I’ve attached a sample worksheet.