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    Understanding LOD expressions

    Joe Mauriello


      I've read through Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions | Tableau Software but I'm still having trouble attaining the calculation field I need.


      I've attached some dummy sales data (the actual application is something that would require more contextual explanation then is appropriate for this forum, so I recontextualized the basic data structure as "sales data")


      I would like a field that only includes a sales persons' best performance by month.

      (Let's suppose there are times when the sales person is inactive, or their time is divided, they each have at least one month dedicated entirely to sales, so comparing their best months will be the most accurate gauge of performance).

      I would like to create a variety of views with this constraint on the data.







      Question: will these views require different calculated fields? Will I need to create different LODs for each view? I'm not sure what is causing my mental block, I just can't wrap my head around how to solve this.