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    I need to divide by a number and ignore the filters on my view. Maybe I need to use Fixed?

    Timothy Malahy



      I have a workbook with [Identifying Areas] which is one of the filters and I need to divide by a number of "BIQ Weeks" of a different Identifying area, regardless of what identifying area the user selects.


      So, I have [BIQ weeks] which the monday the data falls on. Then I have SUM([SCRAP+REWORK]) and I divide that by CountD[BIQ Week].


      The issue I'm having is, we don't input data when we inspect, we input data when we have scrap or rework.


      What this is causing is things like an Identifying Area of 115 Line with a scrap+rework caused by engineering that occured on 2 weeks out of a 5 week month is it divides that scrap+rework by 2. I need it to divide by 5.


      Basically, I need to divide the Scrap+rework by COUNTD of BIQ WEEK based around IDENTIFYING AREA of DPG.


      How can I make it always divide by the countd of BIQ weeks an identifying area of DPG has, regardless of what's in the view?


      I'm thinking I need Fixed?