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    Counting Occurrences in multiple fields in a table

    Ryan Olsen

      Hello all,


      I've been asked to create some reports from our database. I'm new to Tableau and haven't been able to figure this out yet. We have a table in our database for visits. Someone can log a visit and they can enter an assist if another employee helped in the visit. Currently I'm running a distinct count on the # of visits by each employee but need to add the # of assists to the bar as well.


      The database has fields for visit, assist by, date of visit, purpose of visit, type of visit, etc. I've looked at joining the 2 fields in a pivot table but it isn't giving me that option. I'm using Tableau 10.4 desktop. I'm attempting to combine any instance for an employee. I have attached some information from the database with the columns. Actlook4 is the assist column that I'm trying to combine with Actprior. The Remove Linked field is to pull visits that are linked to another customer record.


      Thanks in advance,