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    Issue with Tool tip in hiding one sheet over other

    rakesh jadhav

      Hi Team,

      Please find the attachment of .twbx file and word file to get clear idea , The issue i am facing is when i click Sum in parameters selector  of Entity Performance dashboard,

      The tooltips work , but when i select count in parameters selector tooltip doesnt work.

      Can anyone help me.

      Can i get the proper solution fr it.


      Thanks in advanced.


      Rakesh Jadhav

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          Joe Oppelt

          You have the COUNT sheets positioned exactly below the SUM sheets.  The SUM sheets have a higher floating order than the COUNT sheets.  So the SUM sheets (even though they are not displayed) occupy space above the COUNT sheets, and when you try to click on the COUNT sheets, you are actually clicking on the SUM sheets.


          You want to use a technique called Sheet Swapping.  It essentially places the two sheets into a container, side-by-side, and one or the other will display.  You already have the parameter mechanism in place.  It's just a matter of implementing the positioning portion of swapping.


          Here is a link to a video where we demo sheet swapping.


          We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Fi... |Tableau Community


          You are using V9.0 here.  I happen to have a 9.0 installation, so give me some time and I'll set up one of those pairs for you.

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            Joe Oppelt

            OK, in fact, you already have tiled horizontal containers that you used to create the borders.  So here's what I did.  Consider doing a step-by-step re-creation on your own so you can see how these things interact.


            When SUM was selected, I dragged the MFI sheet off its location.  (I dragged it over the MLO sheet, but you can drag it anywhere, just so long as it is not actually positioned over the horizontal container we're going to shove the two sheets into.)

            Then I selected COUNT, and did the same for the MFI_Count sheet.  (BTW, you'll notice that with the MFI SUM sheet moved, the tooltips now work for the MFI COUNT sheet.)  I dragged the MFI_COunt sheet over "Others" for now.


            You will see the tiled horizontal container where the MFI sheets were.  It's just empty with a border.


            You will also notice that the MFI_COunt is positioned behind the Others sheet at this point.  Here is a screen shot of how it looked for me at this point:



            You can see a piece of MFI_Count peeking out in the lower right corner from behind "Others".  In the layout pane you can see (circled in red) that Others is at the top of the list, and therefore at the top of the floating order.


            Click on MFI_Count in the layout pane, and you will see that sheet's editing border get highlighted on the dashboard.


            Now SHIFT-CLICK-Drag the MFI_Count sheet over the empty horizontal container.  If you do it correctly, the empty tiled container will turn grey.  That shows that Tableau is ready to place the sheet into the container (and not float it on its own any more.)  Drop it in there.


            Next select SUM in the parameter so that the MFI SUM sheet expands.  (And MFI_Count goes away -- except for the title.)  Click on MFI in the layout pane so that the MFI border gets highlighted and shift-click-drag that sheet into the horizontal border.


            Special note:  Even though it is a horizontal container, you can drag it so that a sliver at the bottom of the horizontal container turns grey.  This tells Tableau to place it in a VERTICAL positioning rather than horizontal.  You can do that.  Tableau will change your container to vertical for you.  If you do it correctly you will end up with this:


            And your layout pane will look like this:



            Notice that both titles display.  When tableau clears out a sheet, if the title is displayed, Tableau still displays it, even if the sheet is empty.


            Normally what I do for swapped sheets in a container is to shove a text object at the top and hide both sheet titles.  But since your two titles are identical, we can just hide one and let the other display all the time.  Right click on the lower title and just choose to hide the title for that one.


            Now you have sheet swapping set up for these two sheets.  You'll do the same for the other 3 pairs.


            BTW, for kicks, I made a copy of this dashboard (Dashboard 3) and created a text object that's floating in the middle.  It hard-codes "MFI", and in adds in the parameter value.  If you wanted to use that in the container you would hide both titles on the sheet and shift-drag the text to the top of the container.

            anyway ...


            See attached.

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              madala krishna

              Hi Rakesh,


              please find the attached workbook. in that check dashboard 3.

              i have created this workbook using 10.3 kindly open in the same version.