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    Parameter Filter/Fixed LOD/Name vs ID help?

    Justine May

      I am working on data that involves provider names and NPIs. (Identifying number)

      I need to filter on name. However there are multiple names for some providers. (Ex: John Doe and John C. Doe)

      I need to roll up all the information about each provider into a single name to be associated with the NPI

      I am using a parameter filter on name.


      I used: One Name = { FIXED [NPI] : MIN([Name])}  (Min is arbitrary. I don't care which version of the name is used, I just need it to be a single version)

      This worked in crosstab.

      But when I use [One Name] To define the parameter on which I was filtering, only the information associated with that VERSION of the name appears in the view.

      (i.e. only the appointments for John Doe were displayed. The ones for John C. Doe were not included)

      I am attaching a package workbook with an example.

      Any help would be appreciated.