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    Do an aggregation on an aggregation

    Thijs Jahae

      Hello everyone,


      We are creating a market monitor for a city with sales figures of bars. Per period I want to expand the data of the bars we have to indicate the sales figures of the whole city.

      For instance, I know the city we are analysing contain 1000 bars. In our database the amount of bars deviates. To expand I use the following calculation. 1000/COUNTD([Venues]). The problem is that it is impossible to calculate the sum of the amount of consumptions on this aggregation after this. I want to aggregate on basis of 1 month (during 1 month I calculate the amount of venues in the database).  Is there a trick to get around this aggregation on aggregation problem? Currently I am just creating a field of 1000/100 for instance and using it for all views, but this is obviously incorrect.


      The data is confidential so I cannot attach the packaged workbook. I will add a print screen to clarify the problem for a period on period analysis.


      In the picture I calculate the total sales in the city per product group and the growth over the periods. All the periods have a different amount of venues so I want to expand the figures depending on that count.


      Thanks in advance,