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    Tableau Server severe performance issues after upgrade from 9.0.24 to 10.4.1

    Sanjay Ellanki

      Hi everyone,


      We are having a bad experience after upgrading Tableau server. First we went from 9.0.1 to 10.4, that worked for couple of days then performance took a toll. It affected Tableau extracts that have been published to server. So we went ahead and downgraded to 9.0.24 using 9.0.1 backup, everything is working as expected. But we really want to go to the newest version. So we have been testing again. This time we used a back up from 9.0.24 to restore to 10.4.1. The issue is still there. Any report that is directly connected to our SQL server works perfectly with same or better performance as before. But if we want to connect to any Tableau extracts on server through online or desktop performance is slowed down a lot. For example a report went from opening in 3 sec on 9.0.24 to 450 sec on 10.4.1 or never opening at all. We have already contacted Tableau opened a case, but that was been moving slow. I have also tested other versions starting all the way from 9.1 to 10.3, every one of them has given us this performance issues. Is there something in 9.0 that is affecting this? Our server team can't find anything wrong with server because it only happens if we upgrade outside of 9.0. Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated.




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