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    Calculation Wizzard Wanted - Comparing sales data based on days before event

    Peter Shaw

      Hello Community,


      I would like to compare current ticket sales for a reuccuring show with the sales data for previous shows.


      Example Case:

      A Show is in 10 days. So far 100 tickets were sold.


      Now I want to compare those 100 tickets sold with data for the past 5 weeks and see how many tickets were sold when those shows had still 10 left.


      My desired outcome:

      Based on the average of the past 5 weeks, usually 120 tickets were sold when it was still 10 days before the show.



      I was experimenting with LOD and date calculations, but I just can't solve it. Help would be much appreciated.

      Comparing the sales the the overall sales worked, I am now trying to be more specific and compare with the days out.



      Example data is in the attachement.


      Explanation to my Calcs:

      Parameter_lookbackwindow: currently, I try to compare the sales for the upcoming shows with the data of past events in the last 5 weeks