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    Help with Passing parameter values using URL from one workbook to other workbook


      Hi All, I need help badly kindly help me with this issue.



      1.  In Workbook1, Create a parameter Date_param with default value, lets 7777/7/7

      2. DateCB is dimension and we create a calculated field

        DateCB <= Date_Param


      3. Put the value on filter shelf and I am getting correct data in the sheet.


      4. Publish the workbook on server

      5. Take the URL of the published workbook, add the following string at the end of URL "&Parameters.DATE_param=2017-22-09"


      Now how to get the values in second workbook and if are using the URL of workbook1 and adding string at the end o that then how values will go in book2.


      Please help me urgently