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    Passing values using URL from one workbook1 to workbook2


      In Workbook1 there are two date dimensions in layout and one date parameter



      now the objective is to enter a date in the parameter and as per the user entry the DateDim and Prev date values are passed to Workbook2 and based on these values the records get filtered in Workbook2



      So kindly help me how all I am supposed to follow to pass the values from Workbook1 to workbook2.


      Step1 => I have published the workbook2 on the server and here is the url for the same



      Step2 =>  Creating dashboard in Workbook1




      I have to mention URL in the dashboard



      what changes I need to do in URL when I need to pass DateDIM value and Prev Date value to workbook2 when user selects any parameter date in workbook1


      Pls note Test WB is my workbook1 and Test Target WB is m workbook2..


      Kindly help me urgently.


      Much Appreciated