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    Displaying Invoiced and Uninvoiced in same report wiht multiple dates to consider

    Amy Garcia

      I recently received a request to build a report that will display two data sets on one report. These datasets come from the same data source but display different information. I am having a difficult time displaying both data sets due to the different dates we have to take into account. The issue is that when I try to get all invoices that have not been invoiced + the invoices that have been invoiced in the current period I either lose the non invoiced or I get all invoiced for the year.



      This should only show returns tickets that in the following status

      • Status in ('Making Ready','Ready To Approve','Approved','Invoice Pending')
      • Where Ticket date >=  01/01/2017 and < last close period (12-01-2017)



      • Invoice status in ('Sent','Paid','Partially Paid','Ready to Send')


      • [InvoiceDate] >= Convert(datetime,'2017-12-01') and
      • [InvoiceDate] < Convert(datetime,'2018-01-01') and
      • [TicketDate] >= Convert(datetime,'2017-01-01') and
      • [TicketDate] < Convert(datetime,'2017-12-01')

      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.