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    two columns equal to, need numbers above from left column.

    evin hernandez

      Hello Everyone ,


      Im putting this dashboard together in where i have two columns that could potentially have the same numbers in both columns if they do that would inidicate that i would need to show all rows that are less than the matching row. what would be the best way to get this data and to be able to stay with in the versions.


      I wrote the following which seems to be valid but does not produce the data i want.


      STR(if ATTR([esx-hosts (TD_C_esx-hosts)].[ESX Build]) < ATTR([Build]) and ATTR([x-hosts (TD_Cu_e-hots)].[EX Build]) > ATTR([Build]) then ATTR([ex-ts (T_C_esx-hosts)].[E Bu]) END) the results of the formula are a null . Any help would be greatly appreciated


      sample attached.