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    Spread aggregated regions/states on filled map

    Nicholas Twort



      In my sales data (external database source) there is a 'region' field. This field corresponds to a geographic role of State/Province in tableau. However, some of the regions in my data are already aggregated e.g. "Queensland" and "Northern Territory" are joined and displayed only as "QLD&NT". It is not possible for me to know exactly which of those two regions my sale came from. This is no problem for me as we consider the two regions as one in all reporting. Some regions are not aggregated, some are 2 states aggregated, and some are 3 aggregated.

      However, I would like to use a filled map to display this data, and I want the fill of "QLD&NT" to cover both Queensland and Northern territory. The best I have been able to do is assign
      "QLD&NT" to Queensland but this results in 'holes' in the filled map which I would prefer not to be there.



      Is there some relatively simple fix, short of changing the data at source? Packaged workbook attached, and see screenshots for current and desired outputs.

      I don't really mind if the state borders between the joined states display or not,


      Desired: (with apologies for poor paint skills)



      Running tableau 10.4 on desktop.