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    View Data

    Nishant Rai



      How can we configure View data option?


      The requirement is like as in the below screenshot I am getting a count of 5 Female Team member, I want to check who are those 5 members as well as there post, Region & Name.

      I tried to insert all columns in details mark but it's dividing my bar in 5 which is ok but I don't want to divide label it should be should be same (63%/5).


      How can we restrict the user to see full data?   Tushar More

      Tushar  More




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          John Sobczak

          If your requirement is ok with using the view data option, you can get this info by going to the full data tab at the bottom the view data window.  However it will include all columns of the data which can at many times be looking for a needle in a haystack.  Maybe you will luck out with simpler data.

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            Ken Flerlage

            Can you explain your actual requirement? Ultimately, I don't think the View Data option is the best available. I'd suggest a separate sheet that contains the detailed information on each person. Then you can put both the bar chart and detailed list on a dashboard and use dashboard filter actions to show the list of people based on which bar you've chosen.

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              Nishant Rai

              Hi Ken,


              The actual requirement is like if we found 5 female members in 10 member team & if a user wants to know who are those 5 members with their Name, position, Region etc.




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                Nishant Rai

                No John, I only want to show specific data only. Is there any other option than ViewData.

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                  Ken Flerlage

                  Then my suggestion would make more sense than using View Data. The view data option is really meant more for developers, not end users. Steps to take:


                  1) Create a separate worksheet that just lists out all the people and their information. Be sure to include gender somewhere on the visualization, even if it's not visible.

                  2) Create a dashboard and put both sheets on it.

                  3) Create a filter action that will filter your detailed view on gender when you select one of the bars.

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                    Nishant Rai

                    Thanks Ken

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                      Ken Flerlage

                      No problem! If you have any other problems, let me know.