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    Use lookup on filtered values

    Carsten Ideke

      Hello Community,


      Is there a way to use lookup on filtered data? As you see in the Picture below the calculation 2 sould be as in the red text on the right side. The first value is right.


      When i use lookup function i get wrong values, i think that he calculates with the value above (wich is filtered away that i dont see it).


      What i need that he at every "Auftragswechsel" = 2 take the score - the score at the value above it ("auftragswechsel" =1).

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          Matt Lutton

          Sorry you haven't found any help -- is there any way you can simplify the viz, and only include the dimensions needed?  Part of your issue is the layout of the viz makes Table Calcs a bit more complex than perhaps is needed.


          If you can mock up a sample of the results you'd like to see, I will try and take another look -- but if there is any way to simplify the view and remove some dimensions, that may help.


          Best of luck -- Table Calcs are definitely key here, but its a complex layout which means the settings on the Table Calc are going to have to match the complexity of the viz.

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            Jim Dehner



            Sorry but I don't speak your language so I get lost in the calculations - The issue is that Table Calculations are the last operation in the order of operations - that means that you can't perform operations higher on the order on table calculations -


            But you can use other table calculations Or if you can use LOD expressions to get your preliminary results you can then use a table calculation on the LOD