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    Survey data, unable to calculate percent of total

    Stephan Gordon

      In the table below, I am hoping to have the choices on the first column sync with the response volume on the right column. Tableau is registering each row of data in the Responses column as a single unique value. I would like to be able to calculate the percent of total of the sum, but Tableau is again thinking that each unique number represents one value. The goal is to have the data in the response measure correspond with the answer choice of the survey question. Unclear on how. Usually survey data would have each response as it's own row, but for the purpose of this data, it appears as such:



      What were the top three factors that you considered most important....Responses
      Culture and Philosophy98
      Overall Academic Program96
      Quality of the Faculty69
      The Arts Program43
      Global Program/International Student Population21
      Focus on diversity, equity and inclusion23
      Extracurricular activities (Outdoor Program, Afterschool Program, Student Interest Groups, etc)8
      Other (please indicate in the comment box below)11
      Please Comment:26




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