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    Difference between Number of days shown separately by number of orders(All orders are unique by EmailAddress)

    simran johal

      Thank you so much for this great platform for the beginners, as whenever you are stuck there is someone to help you out. I have two questions where i am stuck.

      1. In sales sheet of my workbook everything looks good but I want to sum up everything like this in a separate sheet which I am not able to do :


      No. Of Orders            sum of rd_numorders           sum of rd_ordered

      2                                    16                                        2342

      3                                     32                                       4563

      4+                                   56                                       5467


      so here rd is reference date(means for eg : 11/27/2016), I want to know all customers who in their entire history purchased 2 times how many orders we got from them on this rd and same with sum of rd_ordered.(This is just example so this will not match with workbook).


      2. This is too complex for me. What I am trying to get is on second sheet of workbook is their anyway that i can see median difference between most recent purchase and 2nd last purchase by no. of orders shown separately?? Like i mean on a single sheet can I see differently for those who placed order 2 times whats the median difference of day between their most recent and 2nd last order, then for the 5,8.....order...on the same sheet, so that i don't have to change filter every time.


      Any help is appreciated. As I am completely stuck. For reference I am attaching sample workbook.