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    URL Filtering - SET filter to ALL if filter object does not exist

    Charlotte White

      Hi Everyone,


      I am using PHP and JavaScript within my website, with which I can automatically use to identify the user of the site's employee ID.  I then am pushing that employee's id to a URL filter within Tableau using a similar format:




      So to give more information, I'm placing the employee id (in this example, 22222) in a javaScript variable, and then sending the full URL to Tableau.


      If I send the variable of 22222 to the employeeid filter and that value does not exist in my tableau data, is there a way for me to reset my filter to the "All" value if the value in the employee id filter does not exist?  I am hoping there is something I can do with either a parameter or a calculated field to allow for this to occur.


      Right now if I pass a value that doesn't exist (for example 22222) the result looks like this, and I see no data:



      Any thoughts and feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated!