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    Showing a Column Header Only Where A Parameter Referencing Another Field is True and Show Blank if False

    Michael Wilkinson

      Hi all,


      Apologies if this is a simple question but I am relatively new to Tableau and have a question I desperately need help with.  My data is displayed in columns that show each "City".  I have a Parameter that allows me to highlight all Cities that are part of the Group that I have selected.


      The Calculated Field is simply [Choose Group] = [Group], and I have added this to 'Color' to highlight that city in a different colour if it is a member of the Group I have selected in the drop down box.


      How can I also make it so that only the City name will show if the Group I have selected is true?  For example in the below I'd want only the names of Nottingham, Cheltenham and Stoke on Trent to show.


      I'm assuming I'll need to adjust the Group Calc Calculated Field, or created a new Calculated Field.  If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated, hopefully I can develop my Tableau skills to return the favour soon!


      As mentioned above Group is another field in the data, apologies I have had to blank out the Group due to it being confidential etc.