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    Download files from Amazon S3


      Hi All,


      My requirement is like follows:


      We have Amazon S3 database which acts as a directory. For examples, there are many folders on the S3 which again may have folder and then there are csv files. I have 100 users and each of the user has its location on S3. For e.g. for User1, s3://sales/user1 is the folder, for User2, s3://sales/user2 is the folder. There are csv files placed under these folders.


      In Tableau, I have a table like follows:




      Now, whenever I click on any record, I want all the csv files placed on that user's location should get downloaded. These s3 paths are private and I don't a way to open these on web browser. Our S3 team use S3 Browser to access the locations.


      I know we can download file using URL action but it takes URL of that file with its extension. We can only download single file. Is there any way we can download bunch of files by specifying folder location?

      If not bunch of files, then is there any way i can download any random single file from the particular location?


      Thanks in advance!