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    Hiding Headers in Tableau Online

    Ram krishna

      Hello Every One..


      I need quick response from any one please......


      I have created Sheet along with Title in the Tableau Desktop, when i am trying to publish into tableau online headers is breaking (Title). the exact view like this..


      Same sheet that i am published into Tableau online but last 3 lines of Title is hiding like..


      Please anyone help me to come out of this problem?




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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ram,


          The workbook provided contains a live data source connection to Tableau Online requiring credentials.   Are you able to supply this workbook with a Tableau Extract instead?   In addition, is the data public/sample data or private.  The topic of payroll data concerns me and I want to make sure the data is just sample data.


          If you have a need for attention/assistance urgently, Tableau does provide consulting services through partners and directly from Tableau.  - Consulting Services | Tableau Software  


          The replies on the community site are primarily from other users of Tableau that volunteer to assist users with questions. 





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            Ram krishna

            Hi Patrick,


            Thank you for responding.


            Do you have any idea like if we have 15 lines of Title along with text table, this type of sheet when you publish in to server why is it breaking last 4 lines of title? any restrict in the server... can you help me with this please.