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    Dual Encode/Dual Axis

    Zach Ferris

      So my goal with this visual is to show Total SOs (Sales Orders) vs. New SOs vs. Voided SOs. I know Tableau can only do a dual axis, so I have to get creative. My idea was to make a dual axis chart with Total Sales Orders as the bar behind a line chart of Voided Sales Orders and then use New SOs to cut the Total SO bar. Obviously, if I put New SO on color I will get a range of color options. This might work because we can see the the color shift that signifies increased or decreased orders over time. I could also create a side-by-side bar chart, but that doesn't really let you see the trend across the three different measures. So I was really hoping to create a stacked bar chart look against another visual to include all three. I feel like this has to be a parameter control that I can use on the color shelf, maybe a set? Perhaps I'm thinking about this wrong and should create a dual axis, then use a table calculation to color code the bars by increase/decrease in the distinct count of voids or new sales orders. Ideas? Solutions? HELP!


      Please and thank you.