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    How to write an LOD calc that excludes one dimension but includes another on your sheet?

    Ava Kingsley

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I have automotive registration data that is broken down by car bodystyle (sedan, SUV, etc.) and city. Bodystyle and city are both dimensions and registration #s are the measure.


      I need help understanding how to write the following calc:


      I want to show USA bodystyle market share but I DO NOT want it to change if I include the city dimension on the sheet. In other words, if City and Bodystyle are on rows and USA bodystyle market share is the text marks, the sedan bodystyle market share should be the same on the line of New York: Sedan: 20% as Los Angeles: Sedan: 20%. I don't want it to calculate sedan registrations in New York as a percentage of the country. I only want sedan bodystyle as a percentage of total registrations countrywide.

      I think I need to include bodystyle while excluding city but don't know how to do that.