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    Tableau still does internal load balancing between main and worker nodes even with F5 load balancing enabled

    Fabrice Prost

      Hello Guys,


      I have a 16 cores license.


      I have a primary node with 8 cores and a worker node with 8 nodes.


      As we have a huge backgrounder activity only first half of the morning, I plan to direct user activity to primary node only for Viz and restrict backgrounder activity to worker node during this period, then to load balance user requests for the rest of the day between the two.


      I set up an external load balancing using a F5 and this works fine.


      The problem I have is that my primary server is using viz processes on worker node even if I configured the load balancing to be managed externally by the F5. How can I turn of internal "load balancing" in order to have my F5 manage the viz workload ?


      Any idea or information welcome,