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    Filtering Date with Running sum and showing empty columns after filtered date


      Guys I have issue with running sum calculation



      I am using Running Sum(sum(Sales) in dashboard


      Now when I do show missing values all missing dates are also shown on timeline which is good as other cities will be also shown on timeline consistently  but my requirement is show dates after month July not before that now problem is when I do date filtering with running sum it is not including that dates in running sum and I am only getting values between july and  decemeber which is incorrect in case of running sum.


      Also The important requirement is the missing values of dates should only show all dates after I filtered the date that means if I filter after july to December then missing dates should also be shown between July to December.


      So if have like this



      Department          Jan17         Feb18   Feb19    March 19          April 19        May 19                      July20     Aug20         OCT20            Dec20


      HR                       100                                              120                                                                   130                                                          111
      SALES                 20                                                  50                                                                   100                                                           120
      FINANCE             10                                                 110                                                                170                                                              150


      Now Feb18 and Feb19,Aug 20 and oct 20  are showing as I enabled showing missing values and show empty columns in special values in table layout


      1.)My requirement is Running Sum(Measure) date filtering and also if I chose date filtering after July then missing dates should also come between July 20 and Dec20

      But because of running sum I am not able to get correct output for my measure.


      2.) Also show missing values is showing full date timeline which should be reduced after I do filtering by july.


      Remember With normal sum(sales) date filtering has no issue but in my case because of running sum I am facing lot of issues while filtering the data.