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    Tableau processing Slow

    Bhavana Khairnar

      I have 2 Million + records and when after creating extract i start using my extract , after dragging every dimension or measure it takes more than 1 min to process tableau and show result on the screen ... is it normal ?  how much time tableau should take normally in this type of scenario ? Most of the time what i do is, I pull data in MS SQL Server and I make a view on it... then I pull it in tableau and on that i make extract ... but still it takes around 30 seconds to 1 Minute... can anyone please help me on this ? Just guide me how much time tableau should take ?


      Also does anyone thinks that schema.ini will help in this case ? to reduce processing time ?


      Thanks a lot

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          Alvino Vaz

          Bhavana Khairnar, you can try adding a data source filter and reduce the number of records (i.e Filtering data for a single year or 2 or some other way you can reduce the number of records)when you are developing the dashboard and once you are done developing you can remove the filter this will help in reducing the processing time during development.

          Filter Data from Your Data Source

          Attached is the snapshot for the same.




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            Nicholas Hannan



            There are many possible reasons you could be running slow.

            Based on your description that both extracts and live queries are slow to work with, I'd suggest the slowness is due to your tableau desktop, not the database.


            * How wide is your datasource? (how many columns)

            * How many calculated fields do you have? What types of formulas are you using?

            * When Tableau finishes "processing", how many marks are on the screen? (ie. in the bottom left it might show 32 marks 16 rows by 2 columns). The more you have, the longer it will take to create the view.

            * Are your system resources (ram, cpu, etc) limiting you?

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              Michael Hesser


              In additional to the great suggestions above, you may try these tricks:


              • If you are using multi-select filters, make sure you're using the APPLY button. This prevents Tableau from doing the "heavy lifting" until the user has made all his/her choices for that particular filter.

              • You can turn on the Performance Recording option to get a report of what's taking your viz so long to run. You can find it under the Help section.

              As suggested, the more marks you have (and the more calculations), the slower things will be. I created a viz where-- in order to get things to be presented in a reasonable fashion-- I limited the displayed values to two months worth. Perhaps you can do something similar?


              Good luck to you!

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                Bhavana Khairnar

                Hello Everyone,


                Sorry for replying so late, Alvino I have already tried data source filters i am already using one one years data , so data source filters are not helping me.


                And Nicholas, I am using calculative fields but not many also i need to do Median calculation so I have to make extract of my datasource. And yes many a times my RAM runs out of memory.


                And Michel, yes i'll will do both of the options suggested by you.


                Thank you.