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    Different target sheets in action filter

    Tessa Vandendriessche



      I'm working on a workbook where I'd like to add different target sheets according to the selection made.

      I can't add the file itself as the data can't be shared, but in short this is the situation:

      In dashboard A I show a bart chart showing the turnover per subbusiness line.


      Dashboard B shows an overview either on article type or on brand according to the filter on the previous page. If subusiness line Port is selected I need to redirect to the brand chart, if subusinessline A&H is selected I need to redirect to the article type chart.

      I'd like to use another look for both charts, so I need to make 2 different worksheets and work with an action filter.

      However, as the selection field is the same, I don't know how I can make the target sheet variable according to what selection is made.


      Is this possible in Tableau and anyone who can tell me how to do this? I don't want to work with a separate button, but just by clicking on the subbusiness level on the chart, the action should be done.


      Thanks for the help