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    How to get count of customers in each category

    Rina S


      I need to show the count of customers in two categories. The actual data set is different in which I have sales rep and their quota as well as the channels that they are using & I have to show the number of sales rep for each of the categories of quota achieved vs channel usage. I have tried to replicate that scenario in the attached workbook(version 10.3). Instead of quota achieved, I have created profit margin & in place of channel usage, I have created discount ratio. I am trying to get a summary of profit margin categories vs discount margin categories and the number of customers in each category. But I am not able to get the count in these categories, instead I am getting only 1(for each customer) or the total count of customer(irrespective of category). Please note that I am using a TDS, hence I do not have access to the measure - Number Of records and multiple Quarters can be selected.

      It would help greatly if anyone help me in this regard. Appreciate any help I can get!



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