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    Join in Salesforce drops real fields from the view

    Rob Adams

      We are doing the trial version of desktop right now. I am confused by some results I get when joining tables in Salesforce.


      Our main table is Shipment. which has numerous relationships. I am trying to keep it simple. Joining Customer (Account) to Shipment (account id = shipment.customer_id)


      The join works and I get data. However, I can not see the Shipment # field (shipment.name for those familiar with Salesforce). I understand that Salesforce formula fields don't come across, but how can physical fields on the object be missing? We have a couple hundred fields on each table and I thought about a limit on number of fields. However, I would expect that I would be missing the last X fields of a table, not random fields throughout the result set.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!