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    Use filter to change the value of Parameter / Use Parameter to change the value of another Parameter

    Jonathan Velarde

      Good Day!


      Hi guys,

      It's been a long time, and nice to be back here.

      I would like to seek your help on my problem on my current workbook.

      Here is the details,


      I want to create a report in Tableau that will show all masterlist of items that has no sales data from the sales table.

      First I created my stored procedure in MS SQL server with 3 parameters (1st - DateFrom, 2nd - DateTo and 3rd - Store ID)


      sample script

      exec dbo.sp_FamDOC_ItemMasterfileNoSales '09/01/17', '09/30/17', 100003


      This stored proc was working fine in sql.

      I call the stored proc as my datasource in Tableau Desktop to create the report. (This requires me to create a parameters in Tableau Desktop)

      Which works fine in the report if I manually changed the Filter Clinic ID.


      My dilemma is that when I call the Entity MAster file (Store MAsterfile) to use the Branches as my filter (Filter Clinic)

      I want to use this filter and upon selection, my Filter Clinic ID will changed based on the Branch ID from the master file.


      Could someone help me on this.

      Thanks in advance.




      Jonathan B. Velarde