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    Full postcode UK Map with several layers of data

    Ivan Casana-Gallen



      I have created a UK Map with Tableau by doing this:


      1 - Uploaded a CSV file containing the longitude and latitude for every single postcode in the UK.

      2 - Uploaded my data.

      3- Edited the relationship between these two sets of data. My set of data is the primary one and the CSV file containing longitude and latitude is the secondary source. The common field is postcode.


      It all worked alright and my data appears on the map with the precision of the full post code. Great stuff!


      However, I am trying to add an additional set of data and that is where the challenge starts. This third set of data is linked two the other two by the field postcode. However If I drag the postcode dimension from this new data set and drop it on the Marks/detail section nothing happens.


      I have created an additional map by adding an extra longitude box in the column section.And have repeated the process of dragging and dropping the postcode dimension of the third set of data on to the mark/details section. There is only one dot on the map, which I know it is not correct. There should be many more.  Had all the information appeared on this map I would have then used the dual axis function.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you


      Best regards