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    Summary Mismatch

    Lakshmi P

      Hi All,


      i am having below requirment.


      In attached .twbx file "wit out filter report" sheet am having the entire data including "0" for  Baseline order and current order.


      As per the business requirement we need to eliminate the rows which is having 0 Value for baseline order ,current order and OPI $

      which is there in the detailed report.


      Expected Result: Grand total for the details report should match with summary report.


      Baseline Order

      if [Baseline]='2017 Q3'  then sum(zn([Qtr1 REVENUE])) END


      Base Flag

      [Baseline Order]<>0


      Current Order

      if [Current]='2017 Q4'  then sum(zn([Qtr0 REVENUE])) END


      Current Flag

      [Current Order]<>0


      Because of the SUM Function in  Baseline Order and Current Order calculated field flag columns not falling under dimesion.

      Due to this summary and detail is not  matching


      NOTE : Sum will not be removed from the calculated fields (Baseline Order and Current Order) Because of "Halfyearly"