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    Calculation with Measure Values in Tooltip

    An Nguyen



      In the attached workbook, tab GM bridge, I made stackbars of List Price added up: Profit, Cogs and GTN. I would like to add in tooltip the % of each component to Price, for example: when I click in Profit, it will show: Profit/List Price, while if I click on GTN it will shows GTN/List price %. Any ideas how to construct that calculation?


      - Another question is that I would like to add a line call "Average List Price of country", which is Total List Sales divide by sum of (Units * size (kg)) for all data in the table. Is there possible that I add that line in the worksheet?


      - In the tab "Summary", I added the line "Average GM" by manually calculating the Total Profit/Total Net Sales (for the whole dataset, regardless of brand) and put the number in. IS there a formula to do it automatically so when the dataset changes, there is no need to reclaculate manually and change in the worksheet?